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Well hello…

Welcome to my first blog post, it really only took 6 months or so to write!
 So, introductions…

I’m Laura – wife to Martin, mum to Jessica & Isabella, doggy mum to Murray, Winston & Dixie (yup, I have a dog addiction), and of course, Interior Designer.

Laura Lochrin Interiors Welcome Girl Summer Dress Holding Red Metal Box
Laura Lochrin Interiors Welcome Girl Pink Dress Sitting Hands Clasped on Lap

There are many things I could tell you about myself… but the first and most important thing you should know is that all things ‘house’ are my passion – always have been. Anything to make your home, my home, everyone’s home a better place to be – that is my aim.

Hmmmm…..what else….well, I moved to California just over 4 years ago from Scotland (yes, I still have a very strong Scottish accent – although my 2 girls now call their trousers ‘pants’ which I can’t say I love!) I really love it here; there are many things I miss about Scotland, but we have definitely settled here and embraced ‘cali life’.

In the upcoming blogs there will be a lot of design info, tips, style ideas, shopping guides – the works. But for now here’s my take on designing your home:

What I have in my home (or what your friend across the road has) is no reflection of what you should have in yours. Our homes are our biggest investment, and I want to help you have the home that YOU want – the one that makes you happy to come home to – because everyone should have that. It doesn’t matter if it’s student accommodation or a multi-million dollar paradise on the beach – it’s yours – and it should feel like home.

Thank you so much for reading – I am really looking forward to this!

Laura x

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